Powerfully precise
visual search solutions.

with the world’s smartest and most powerful visual analysis engine for retail.

Powerful Results

Customer intent is an incredibly powerful force. Through the simple act of searching your customer is telling you when and what they want to buy. We have developed a patented visual search algorithm that finally gives you the ability to act on that intent. By returning results that are both accurate and relevant, you can give customers what they are looking for and close the sale.

With Pcsso you will eliminate lost sales from stockouts and irrelevant product suggestions while increasing sales by suggesting products that deliver on what the customer is looking for.

Sample results from a leading online retailer

Dynamic Solutions

Our Pcsso-powered solutions were created with one goal: To give you the ability to turn intent into a sale. Whether customers are searching for their next favorite item on your website or from social media you’ll be ready to convert them with the relevant results they want.

Stockout Solver

Whether your customer comes to your site from a recent email or an outdated social media link, if they can't buy what they want because it's out of stock, you lose the sale. Stockout Solver turns those missed opportunities into revenue by offering similar and stocked products from your inventory. With our advanced search algorithm at work, you can offer up alternatives that will leave customers satisfied and making a purchase. Already have a stockout recommendation engine? Pcsso’s vast inventory of data can make it even smarter.

Basket Builder

Anticipating customer intent means showing them items they might not know they want. Basket Builder acts as a virtual fashion consultant who will suggest outfits based on social media trends and what the customer already has in their cart. This creates an incredible upsell opportunity and the chance to increase loyalty with customers by becoming their destination for the latest fashions and trends.

Social Seller

Customers are constantly taking pictures of things they see in daily life or on social media that they want, but there is no way for them to discover how they might find a similar item for themselves. With Social Seller they can upload photos to your website and you can maximize purchase intent by suggesting relevant products from your inventory that are similar to what they are looking. You can also use Social Seller analytics to create more relevant social media stories that drive site traffic and conversation.

Easy Integration

Pcsso is revolutionizing visual search in an easy and effortless way. You don’t need to worry about complicated source code integration, there is no need for IT integration, and you don’t need to share private customer data. With just a simple HTML code you can deliver powerfully relevant visual search results to your customers, and you’ll be supported by a passionate and dedicated customer support team each step of the way.

Right now customers are on your site looking for something to buy. Pcsso will help you deliver what they want.