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Powerful Results

Customer intent is an incredibly powerful force. Through the simple act of sharing photos, your customer is telling you what they own and love. We have developed a patented visual search algorithm that finally gives you the ability to explore the products that consumers love, so you can make sure you've got exactly what customers are looking for.

With Pcsso, you will be able to keep your products and campaigns relevant, which increases sales while giving your customer exactly what they want.

Sample results from a leading global brand

Dynamic Solutions

Pcsso was created with one goal: To understand and match photos. Whether customers are searching for their next item on your website or in your store, you’ll have the relevant inventory in stock and at hand, ready for them to buy.

Stockout and Overstock Solver

Whether your customer comes to you online, or in-store, if they can't buy what they want because it's out of stock, you're in trouble. If all you've got left are the things they're not interested in buying, they won't buy anything at all and you'll be sending out an SOS. Stockout & Overstock Solver helps to prevent those missed opportunities by making sure your inventory is aligned with social. Logistics has never been cooler than this.

Product Pairer

Anticipating customer intent means showing them items they might not know they want. Product Pairer acts as a consultant that suggests combinations of products that go together based on social media trends. This creates an incredible cross-sell opportunity and the chance to increase loyalty with customers by becoming their destination for the latest trends.

The Riviter Readout

Your customers are constantly sharing photos on social media, but it is really hard to know what products are in those photos. With Riviter, you'll know more about what products are being shared and be able to keep your inventory and campaigns perfectly up to date.

Easy Integration

Pcsso is revolutionizing visual search in an easy and effortless way. There is no need for IT integration, and you don’t need to share private customer data. Just login to access your dashboard and you’ll be supported by a passionate and dedicated customer support team each step of the way.

Customers know what they want when they see it. Make sure you see what they share.