Best In Class Social Intelligence

Pcsso is delighted to work with a selection of market analysis firms, media monitoring organizations and select brand agencies.

Partners receive training and access to our dashboards to help content teams quickly and reliably assess and report on the state of groups of consumers on social media. Empower your clientele using impactful insights, driven by our unique visual intelligence platform.

Our segmented reporting system breaks through the traditional "firehose approach" of social analytics - we give targeted, persona-driven results that are relevant to your clientele. Whether it's targeting Gen-Z, or a group of users who buy a specific brand, or people who "like to travel" (or similar), we're able to provide insights that truly impress a discerning readership.

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For agencies, routine reports is updated as regularly as needed; daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or more - ready to send onto stakeholders. Our rapid reporting system helps you to quickly understand and advise about what's happening, so you can give rapid answers to critical questions. We offer a fully white-labeled dashboard system, ready for data export, screenshot or to provide access to your clientele.

If you would like to be considered for partnership, please contact us.